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Together with our Oberender subsidiary BinDoc, we have developed a software for operating theatre management that you can use simply, quickly and smartly from the management to the head physician.

Analysing the heart of a hospital

Many hospitals currently have a great need for optimisation in the operating theatre. The challenges can often be summarised in three central points. First, many interfaces are in need of improvement, especially preoperatively. Secondly, there are often unsuitable duty models, which not only worsen the efficiency of the OR, but also lead to dissatisfaction among the OR staff. And thirdly, it mostly fails due to inadequate OR planning and lack of commitment.

For these challenges we provide you with a tool that gives you answers to the following questions:

  • How high is the utilisation of my operating theatres per time of day?
  • In which departments is the overrun of core working hours the highest?
  • What is the deviation of the first cut in minutes (median) per department or operating theatre?
  • How value-added did the operating theatres work in terms of resulting CMP?
  • How many inpatient and outpatient operations were performed in a given period and what is the ratio of elective to emergency operations?
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Our OP Live tool is ...


As an intuitive, web-based tool, it allows easy access – the OP Live tool is used by everyone from the management to the head physician.


Tedious data exports from the hospital information system and the preparation of key figures in Excel format were yesterday’s news. With the OP-Live tool, central evaluations can be generated for users at the push of a button.


The product was developed together with experienced experts from the field. As a result, the OP Live tool contains all relevant key performance indicators for the hospitals, which are automatically displayed in clear graphics.

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With our expertise, we do not provide you with pretty colourful pictures, but with implementable strategies that make your hospital fit for the future.

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