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Security in the healthcare sector

Die Informationssicherheit in Krankenhäusern wird immer wichtiger. European and national legislation, in particular the NIS2 Regulation and §391 SGB V, require hospitals to address this issue. Many of our customers do not find the right approach to the topic. Economic issues, a – still – low level of risk awareness, a poorly developed link between corporate and digitalization strategy and an unmanageable range of products make access difficult.

Why is information security important?

In a world where digital data is becoming increasingly important, it is essential that hospitals protect their patient data. A single security incident can destroy the trust of patients and partners and lead to significant financial losses. However, recent scientific studies on the subject also show effects on the treatment of patients during such safety incidents, for example in

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What can we do to help?

Oberender AG offers a range of services to help hospitals improve their information security. Our team will advise you, provide training and support you in implementation projects to ensure that your patients’ data is protected.

Oberender AG is now also a member of the BSI’s Cyber Alliance.

Let’s work together to improve information security in your hospital. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services: Digital Health – Digitalization of hospitals – Oberender AG

The “Digitalization” team around Rolf Grube, Manager, is looking forward to meeting you.

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Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

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