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Health economics, care and reimbursement

We support a wide range of players from all sectors of the healthcare system – from hospitals and municipalities to foundations and industrial companies, associations and ministries – with our broad health economics expertise. Our aim is to ensure that in the future you no longer have to merely react to new framework conditions, but can actively shape them.

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Shaping change

The players in the healthcare system find themselves in a highly dynamic environment and must continuously master new challenges. For example, it is necessary to work out how, despite the various crises – shortage of skilled workers, inflation, etc. – care offerings can be designed that are both of high quality and economically viable. In addition to practical consulting, elaborate concepts are also required here to communicate ideas and give them substance.

As Oberender, we have everything you need to succeed in this environment: Many years of practical experience in consulting and management, a major player in the German healthcare system, in-depth knowledge of health economics, a fine radar for health policy developments, extensive experience with studies and expert opinions, and much more. This also includes the resources you may currently lack to get to the bottom of the problems yourself.

Concepts and models that pass the practical test.

We do not work for the drawer, but deliver concepts and models that pass the practical test. A cross-sector perspective is an absolute prerequisite. Only if outpatient, inpatient and intermediary services are optimally coordinated and technological and digital potentials are used in a beneficial way can the challenges be met. Creative solutions must also be found if, for example, the standard portfolio of SGB V does not offer suitable remuneration for sensible and necessary innovations.

Health economics of the Bayreuth type

Health economics as a scientific discipline has meanwhile become extremely differentiated. At its core, it is concerned with explaining and best shaping interrelationships in the healthcare system against a backdrop of scarce resources. Our understanding of health economics, shaped by our founder Professor Oberender, is a generalist one. The approach is based on sound economic competencies as well as proven practical experience in the healthcare sector. It also takes into account the fact that without a deeper understanding of the numerous interdependencies, it is not possible to successfully navigate the system.

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Translation and transfer between protagonists

For market access, the introduction of new products or treatment concepts, the basis lies on the one hand in the knowledge of the German healthcare market and on the other hand in the creativity to find new ways and solutions. The classic conceptual, but also abstract and research-oriented level of health economics must be combined with the in-depth experience gained from the practical operation of healthcare facilities. This is where we differ from purely academic approaches. We are successful in shaping relationships between different actors because we understand both sides with their needs and are perceived as a neutral and knowledgeable mediator. Thus, we establish the transfer between the different levels and protagonists. Furthermore, we succeed in making the German healthcare system understandable even to people from outside the industry or to customers from abroad.

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Typical projects around health economics

Statements, expert opinions and concepts

We prepare analyses and expert reports or develop concepts for you in a professionally sound and independent manner. The combination of comprehensive practical experience and academic standards allows us to deliver results that are relevant and close to practice and at the same time reflect the current state of health economic research. In addition to public institutions, foundations and associations, our clients also include municipalities, hospitals and industry.

Innovative supply structures

We are particularly interested in innovative care structures, knowing full well that this is a continuous process that can never be completed in a healthcare system. Do you need fundamental ideas and concepts to deal with increasing outpatient pressure or to take advantage of new opportunities offered by digital treatment processes? We also provide you with concrete support in evaluating the resulting economic effects for you, as well as in developing and implementing solution strategies. In this way, for example, we have brought intersectoral health centers (IGZ) into the public discussion and thus created the basis for surveillance clinics, regional health centers (RGZ) or comparable models.

New remuneration models

Without appropriate remuneration options, neither an innovative care structure nor a new professional profile or a new product will prevail. Anyone talking about innovations must therefore always keep the dimension of remuneration in mind. We are not only familiar with the broad spectrum of remuneration options with their specific advantages and disadvantages. From our own experience, we have developed a very good understanding of the perspectives of the various stakeholders and can build bridges, e.g. between the interests of hospitals and doctors’ practices, service providers and payers, product developers and users.

Value-oriented process and product development

It goes without saying that medical and economic factors must always be considered together in healthcare. This thinking has also long been established in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. We help you to transfer abstract concepts such as the “value approaches” of value-oriented process and product development, which reflect this connection, into practice and to communicate them to the various players. We support you in making value operationalizable and tangible and in establishing an expedient delineation of perspective. Our conceptual work then provides the perfect template for implementation support by our team of experts.

Market access and reimburstment

Based on an excellent knowledge of the German healthcare market as well as its comprehensive network, Oberender AG is able to support you in your market entry and the search for an optimal reimbursement strategy. Our clients from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical device sector as well as international investors use our expertise to identify further market potential and to optimize communication towards payers and users.

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Customer oriented approach

In our way of working, we are always oriented towards the needs of our customers. On the one hand, we take on expert opinion projects for them, which we work out independently on the basis of a clear task. Interim presentations and feedback loops keep them in the picture and allow them to readjust the objectives if necessary – but the work is essentially done by us. Such projects are usually completed after two to six months.

In other projects, we work much more interactively with our clients. In workshops moderated by us or on the basis of structured interview processes, ideas are developed together. We prepare and follow up, moderate and structure, contribute know-how, support with analytics and an outside perspective. We complete some of these projects within a few weeks. We often accompany our clients over a longer period of time, for example for one or two years, as a permanent sparring partner.

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Competences for your success

Meeting the demands of professional hospital management requires important core competencies and deep insights into the market as a whole as well as into individual departments. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the implementation probabilities and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper but are actually feasible. Further experts, our own databases and a deep knowledge of the structures in the hospital market are of course part of our cooperation.

High market understanding

Through our management mandates, we also have a deep insight into the practice of service provision and a lot of experience in close and trusting cooperation with local political representatives on the ground.

Powerful data analytics

The Oberender Research Institute collects, links, analyses and validates data. Combined with our practical knowledge, this results in meaningful answers to your questions.

Real teamwork

Our expert teams work closely together to incorporate specific know-how from all Oberender AG competence teams into the project. Our process unit, for example, is often involved.

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