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Outpatient management

In the future, care will shift more and more from the inpatient to the outpatient sector. We support clinics and practice owners in the question of how this should be done.

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Outpatient structures are becoming increasingly popular.

Regulatory influence is increasing. This means that legislators want to move patients from inpatient to outpatient care for economic reasons. At the same time, patients themselves would like to receive more and more outpatient care, for example to avoid infection.

In other countries, outpatient structures have already been attractively expanded and serve as a model for the German hospital market. Supposedly, outpatient structures are less expensive, which has led more financial investors to enter the market. In addition, physicians in private practice, i.e. the classic country doctor, are becoming fewer and fewer due to demographic developments.

All these factors mean that hospitals have to think about how they can create outpatient structures and use them economically for themselves.

The new world of work

At first glance, a hospital doesn’t have much in common with New Work. At second and third glance, however, you can see that some approaches have already been established for years. Part-time models are already the order of the day at some facilities, even at management level. Nevertheless, there is much need for development, especially in the medical sector. Drivers such as digitization are creating new opportunities and making jobs more attractive.

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The local people need a supply offer.

About 80% of MVZ structures are economically negative. This also affects many inpatient hospital operators, whom we support in optimizing this situation. At the same time, we accompany many of our customers on their way from inpatient to outpatient care. Our expertise is also in demand in practice management. Especially when sub-areas, such as the operating room, are to be ambulatory, our team is a valuable support for the clinic management.

Our goal is to ensure that people receive care locally, regardless of the region. We are happy to contribute our expertise to hospitals that want to invest more in outpatient care and expand it.

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Typical projects around ambulatory care and management

Development of outpatient surgeries

While, on the one hand, the inpatient operating room continues to develop technically, for example through conversion to hybrid ORs, many operations are now also possible purely on an outpatient basis. Further developments in medicine have made a decisive contribution to this. For many hospitals, however, the outpatient sector is not yet optimally positioned in economic and structural terms. We address the relevant issues and provide support in optimizing the decisive fields of action.

Reorganization of medical practices

With our many years of expertise in care delivery and management, we are happy to assist with practice reorganization. Here, too, we take a close look at profitability, personnel and processes. We optimize interfaces and check for compliance with legal requirements. In this way, we make practices fit for the future again – for example, after a takeover.

Management of outpatient practices

After a takeover by financial investors, a new management is often sought. Our team is happy to take over the management responsibility and in this process uses the expertise from our other mandates to optimize existing processes as well as economic results. Also, the data of our Research Institute are available at any time for benchmarking, but above all for the management decisions to be made.

Development of regional location concepts

In order to ensure regional supply, sound figures and important expertise from the field are needed for decision-making. We contribute both and develop, among other things, regional location concepts for the decision-making bodies and individual stakeholders. In doing so, our team works closely with experts from our Research Institute to support personal experience with relevant studies and data.

Important project steps and milestones

In our cooperation, the goal is not quick wins, but a long-term strategic realignment of your hospital. Nevertheless, during the analysis and consideration of a hospital, ideas for further optimization often arise, which we are happy to examine more closely in parallel. An example of this could be a targeted need in personnel acquisition.

When optimizing outpatient care, our project methodology follows your requirements. Our cooperation is as flexible as the requirements of your project are individual.

In the joint kick-off, we concretize the objectives and clarify the project approach. You provide us with the most important key figures from your company so that we can perform a data analysis. This data, such as market share for specific service areas, is then coordinated with the service providers.

In workshops and individual interviews with those responsible from the medical and therapeutic areas, we clarify wishes and development possibilities. On this basis, we develop a suitable concept that can actually withstand a practical test later on.

The greatest focus is on the practical implementation of optimizations and measures. We act close to the existing team and coordinate closely with the relevant decision-makers. In this way, we ensure that the concept on paper is actually put into practice and that the desired project goal is achieved in the end.

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Competences for your success

Meeting the demands of professional hospital management requires important core competencies and deep insights into the market as a whole as well as into individual departments. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the implementation probabilities and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper but are actually feasible. Further experts, our own databases and a deep knowledge of the structures in the hospital market are of course part of our cooperation.

High market understanding

Through our management mandates, we have a deep insight into hospital structures and work closely with the respective local politics.

Broad data base

The Oberender Research Institute collects, analyzes and validates data from our projects and mandates. This results in studies on individual issues.

Linked Units

Our teams of experts work closely together to incorporate specific know-how into the project. Our human resources unit is often involved, for example.

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Talk to the experts.

With our expertise, we won’t give you pretty pictures, but strategies that can be implemented to make your hospital fit for the future.

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