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Overview of all reports, studies and analyses

One of our core tasks and our self-image as a university-related consulting company is to develop studies, analyses and web-based tools via our own Research Institute. This enables recommendations for action and management decisions to be derived and made on a sound and reliable basis. Benefit from our knowledge and download your copy here.

OP Barometer

The OP-Barometer 2021 appeared as a novelty in the now 8th edition in the form of a special edition with the focus on Corona. This edition is supported and accompanied on its entire development process by Oberender AG Munich.

Pain Medicine Care Atlas

This study investigated the supply situation and utilization of multimodal pain therapy. The study is intended to contribute to transparency in the care of pain patients and to gain an insight into the status quo of the current care situation and its development over the past years.

Cloud-based hospital IT

Hospitals must be relieved of economic burdens and positioned for the future.
In order to meet the new requirements and complexity in the area of IT, it is essential that the available human resources are deployed in a targeted manner. In this white paper, we present a concept for operating a cloud infrastructure for hospitals.

M&A Trend Report

The M&A Trend Report provides an in-depth overview of transaction activity in the hospital market. It also highlights and evaluates developments and provides solution-oriented options for action for various market participants. Our M&A database forms the basis for the quantitative analyses. The analyses of the hospital market and M&A activity are supported by the comprehensive databases of our Research Institute.

Bavarian market study

In the Bavarian Market Study, we present a comparative overview of the development of the hospital landscape in Germany and Bavaria as well as other aspects of healthcare provision.

Oberender Research Institute

The Oberender Research Institute deals with the market situation in the entire health care sector and uses the knowledge pool from years of project experience as well as its own databases for this purpose.

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

Web-based tools from Oberender AG

In addition to analyses and studies, we also develop web-based tools through the Oberender Research Institute. Benefit from our knowledge and use one of our tools.

Clinic profiles

Every year, we compile a one-page overview of the respective portfolios, services, market position, etc. for all hospitals. You can download these hospital profiles here. Simply click on the map here or search directly for a specific hospital.

Analogous to our pain atlas, we have developed a web-based application that presents key metrics on multimodal pain management at the county level.

OP Live Software

With this OR management software, you can easily and quickly analyze the heart of the hospital with real-time data.