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Donation commitment

We are convinced that, in addition to our economic responsibility, we also have a social and societal responsibility.

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Our contribution - our responsibility

We want to take responsibility for the common good with our commitment.

In order to gain broad acceptance among all employees, we conducted a survey to find out which topics are important and should be supported. As a result of the survey, we decided to focus on combating poverty, preserving and protecting the future and defending and strengthening democracy. Our social commitment is part of Oberender’s corporate strategy and is constantly reviewed in terms of its effectiveness and relevance.
Jochen Baierlein, CEO of Oberender AG: “It is a matter close to our hearts to make a contribution to society. We are in the privileged position of having this opportunity at all. In our commitment, it is important to support projects that make a difference and where every euro is used effectively. It is also part of our understanding to provide regional support and promote students of health economics.”

Ongoing commitment

On the basis of scientific studies and analyses by independent experts, “effektiv-spenden” has recommended the world’s most effective aid organizations, which have been rated as outstandingly effective by leading experts in an international comparison, for our thematic areas.

We are therefore confident that our annual donations achieve the greatest possible impact in line with our ideas and values. Good to know: Our donations are forwarded directly to the respective organizations without deduction of fees.

Regional and university commitment

As a university-affiliated consulting company, we have regularly supported the Arbeitskreis für Gesundheitsökonomie und -management e. V., Bayreuth, in its work for many years.

Most recently, in cooperation with our management mandates in Schrobenhausen, Kelheim and Rems-Murr, we made donations for the people affected by the floods in these regions.

Our donation priorities with effektiv-spenden


Donation fund
"Fighting poverty"

Poverty continues to rise - especially after Covid-19, there has been a rapid increase in poverty. According to World Bank forecasts, around 647 million people worldwide will be living in extreme poverty in 2023.
Our donation to the "Fighting Poverty" fund is the most flexible way of supporting aid organizations with a proven track record of high impact.

the future

Donation fund
"Preserving the future"

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. Global risks such as wars, pandemics, artificial intelligence (AI), new military technologies and rising cybercrime have the potential to jeopardize the future of humanity.
With our donation to the "Preserving the future" fund, we are supporting promising measures and projects that are working to reduce the greatest known risks.


Donation fund
"Defending democracy"

Democracies are under threat worldwide and in recent years there has been a worrying trend towards illiberal or autocratic forms of government.
Germany is now also directly affected by these developments.
With our donation to the "Defending Democracy" fund, we support organizations and initiatives that promote the resilience and effectiveness of democracy.
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Do you have questions about our donation commitment?

If so, please contact Ursula Lauterbach, Kathrin Baumgartner or our board member Jochen Baierlein directly.

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Marketing & Communication

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Personnel Officer

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Board of Directors

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