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Value compass of Oberender AG

Quality. Clarity. Progress. Orientation.
In turbulent and fast-moving times, we want to provide clear orientation, but also create encouraging perspectives.

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Our value compass

For more than 20 years, responsibility, trust and commitment have been at the heart of our corporate identity. At Oberender, all employees share this set of values, which focuses on quality, clarity, progress and therefore orientation.

We are convinced that it is only in an environment characterized by this that decisive and pioneering solutions and contributions are created that make the healthcare system future-proof and sustainable.

Oberender promotes all employees. In return, we cultivate a culture of trust. Our working atmosphere is characterized by mutual appreciation, in which the contributions of the individual count. We refine these together as a multi-professional team, pooling our skills and experience. Right from the start, we focus on personal responsibility and give you the freedom to grow both professionally and personally.

We identify trends and market developments at an early stage. This enables us to find more effective solutions for our customers and partners, which increase development opportunities and facilitate growth. We stand by your side with loyalty and integrity. We deliver what we promise and we do what we say.

Our goal is top performance that creates lasting value and meets the highest quality standards. This is what we stand for and what we work for.

In the midst of turbulent times and in an increasingly complex world, it is important to keep an eye on the essentials. The Oberender values compass forms the foundation of our joint actions. It is supported by the high level of commitment of all employees across all hierarchical levels.

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

Our core values

Our actions are close to people. A respectful and appreciative approach is our highest basic principle.

We pursue a clear and value-oriented approach that is aligned with the interests of our customers and employees. Our daily actions in contact with each other, our customers and the public are characterized by our core values. They form the foundation of our culture, shape us in our various roles and guide our decisions.


Quality through team performance

Our work is characterized by the demand for the highest quality. To achieve this, we work together as a team, support each other and share our knowledge. At the same time, we encourage and challenge each individual team member so that each and every one of them can surpass themselves.


Clarity through communication

We practice open, proactive communication and have the courage to express our opinions honestly and constructively. Fairness, friendliness and appreciation in communication and cooperation are particularly important to us. We encourage the development of each individual through regular feedback.


Progress through diversity

We stand for openness and tolerance. We respect each other and value the work of every colleague across all hierarchies. We pursue new ideas in a sustainable manner. We accept the weaknesses of individuals and use their strengths to achieve our common corporate goals.


Orientation through leadership

We pursue the strategic goals of our company together, take on management responsibility and set an example. A transparent corporate culture makes us a reliable partner – both internally and externally.

Our responsibility

Our actions are based on a common foundation of trust and a high degree of personal responsibility.

Maintaining and promoting health

As a company in the healthcare industry, we take care of our own health as well as the physical and mental health of our colleagues. This also includes knowing the individual limits of stress and respecting the limits of others. Our framework of values promotes healthy behavior, which for us includes above all fair cooperation and the ability to reflect.


Positive and inclusive working environment

We treat each and every individual with respect. Our culture is free from discrimination on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual identity or similar. It is important to us to create a working environment in which we feel comfortable and accepted as colleagues.


Responsible leadership behavior

Managers have a responsibility to act as role models in line with our value proposition. For us, leadership also means sharing knowledge, working towards solutions and respecting and empowering each team member as a person.


Sustainable action

We comply with all existing regulations and go beyond them. We use resources such as energy and water responsibly in our daily activities. We try to make our business trips as climate-friendly as possible.


Responsible handling of data

In order to be perceived as a trustworthy partner, it is essential to protect internal and external data appropriately. As employees, we comply with the relevant company regulations, handle data responsibly and uphold our principles of confidentiality. Each and every individual is responsible for ensuring that all confidential data in their area of responsibility is secure. When processing personal data, we always check the requirement of the respective business purpose and the permissibility.

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

Our understanding as a service provider

As a service provider, we place customer needs at the center of our work and operate independently on the market.

We act professionally and comply with relevant professional standards, laws and regulations. Our business relationships always focus on the interests of the customer and on building and maintaining a mutual basis of trust.

We are committed to using all the experience and expertise available to us to meet our customers’ needs. We measure our quality by our results and customer satisfaction. We regularly ask ourselves the question “What have we learned to become even better?” in order to promote continuous development.

We conduct ourselves reliably and fairly in our business relationships. We always treat our competitors with respect. We address conflicts of interest openly.

We make our decisions and recommendations solely on objective and verifiable grounds. We value long-term relationships with our business partners. We do not tolerate corrupt behavior.

We promote the personal responsibility of each individual. Appropriate professional skepticism is encouraged. We behave honestly and sincerely both internally and externally.

We align our services with our customers. We consider each order individually. We take great care to ensure that we provide the skills required for the job.

Living and adhering to our values compass

Our daily actions internally and externally are aligned with our values compass.

Our values compass makes an important contribution. In our daily actions, we align our behavior with our OAG basic values and established professional principles. The responsibility of each individual and every individual is always at the center of this.

The sphere of activity is independent of hierarchy, location and function. Each and every one of us is responsible for adhering to our values and upholding them in our internal and external dealings.

If we find ourselves in a situation that conflicts with our value compass or we are not sure, then we speak up. An open approach to concerns is important to us and is supported.