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Medical controlling and hospital financing

The processes involved in medicine require a precise sense of proportion. For us, this means analyzing processes precisely, designing them in a structured manner and implementing them consistently. Hospital financing and medical controlling are the keys to process optimization.

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Hospital financing ensures survival.

If a hospital carries out its clinical documentation according to medical quality criteria, then the financing system should ensure that the hospital also receives what is economically necessary for the treatment. In times of rising costs, revenues come into even sharper focus. One immediately encounters the MDK Reform Act and the challenges it poses for hospital employees. The goal for hospital operators is to generate revenue and avoid revenue losses in order to ensure the survival of the hospital.

Avoiding revenue losses

For many hospital managers, the strategic question naturally arises: “How will the hospital financing system develop overall?” But we also take a look at operations, providing answers to the questions, “How do I get the right money and how do I make sure I get to keep it?” To do this, the hospital’s services must be mapped correctly. Two pillars are important in this regard: the correct documentation on the patient and the correct transformation into diagnosis and procedure codes.

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Typical projects around medical controlling and hospital financing

Budget formation and budget negotiations

We are at your side as an experienced partner in the annual budget training and negotiations. You can also count on us in legal proceedings with the social security funds.

Process optimization in hospital and clinic

A good process lowers the operational risk of a hospital. If you have a good process, you can be sure that at the decisive moment, you will get the right answers. That is why we start here first. We introduce new processes where they were previously lacking and optimize or digitize where it makes sense. This conserves employee resources and improves analysis results and reporting.

Information processing for medical controlling

Medical controlling needs to know what services the hospital provides in the various aspects and areas. Of course, it also needs data about its own processes. Depending on the results, findings and deductions are made on how to improve the documentation. Data transparency is therefore an important basis for successful medical controlling.

Introduction of software solutions

Working in a team exclusively with Excel lists is neither goal- nor resource-oriented. Process organization and documentation tools are important everyday helpers for hospital employees. Complementary digital tools for analysis also play a role. Together with our partners, we support the tendering and introduction of such software solutions and accompany the migration.

Training and education for medical controlling

We provide guidance for employees not only on a 1:1 basis in our daily work on site at the hospital, but also in extensive training courses and seminars. These are particularly important in the event of major process changes or the introduction of new digital applications and software solutions. Our experts provide professional and competent support for your team during configuration so that innovations take effect within the shortest possible time and are successful in the long term.

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Important project steps and milestones in the area of hospital financing and medical controlling

In our cooperation, the goal is not quick “quick wins”, but a long-term strategic realignment of your hospital. Nevertheless, during the analysis and observation of a hospital, ideas for further optimizations often arise, which we are happy to examine in more detail in parallel. In principle, however, we do not focus on individual bookings and cases, but on a holistic restructuring of medical controlling, which ensures sustainable and long-term better results.

In medical controlling, our project methodology follows your requirements. In cooperation with the management, the medical controlling as well as the medical and medical service, we attach importance to a pragmatic approach. We quickly ensure transparency and provide direct on-site support in discussions. Our goal is to effectively change structures and to ensure economic benefits by taking a holistic view. Pure process projects usually take a maximum of half a year. In the case of the introduction of software solutions, we also work together as partners for longer periods of time due to procurement regulations.

The creation of an analysis profile within a few days by one or two experts of our team is the first step. The basic problem is discussed and discussed back after the analysis. In doing so, we act not only professionally competent, but also always human and individual.

Once the necessary fields of action have been revealed, we will gladly continue to support you in the day-to-day implementation of the measures. In this way, obstacles can be removed right from the start and the team can be involved accordingly. We define the scope of the support together. The support can be holistic or only selective.

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Competences for your success

Meeting the demands of professional hospital management requires important core competencies and deep insights into the market as a whole as well as into individual departments. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the implementation probabilities and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper but are actually feasible. Further experts, our own databases and a deep knowledge of the structures in the hospital market are of course part of our cooperation.

High level of market understanding

Through our management mandates, we have a deep insight into hospital structures and work closely with the respective local politics.

Broad data base

The Oberender Research Institute collects, analyzes and validates data from our projects and mandates. This results in studies on individual issues.

Linked Units

Our teams of experts work closely together to incorporate specific know-how into the project. Our human resources unit is often involved, for example.

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