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Future-oriented personnel management

The complexity and requirements of modern HR management pose major challenges for those working in the healthcare sector – but they also offer opportunities.

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The challenges of modern personnel management

The emerging generational change, tougher competitive requirements, statutory regulations, a shortage of specialist staff and financing aspects are just a few examples of the challenging framework conditions in hospitals. When the gap between revenue and costs widens and minimum staffing levels have to be met at the same time, this often requires creative solutions in personnel management. Good and meaningful processes are needed, especially in structures that cannot be changed spatially.

The new world of work

At first glance, a hospital doesn’t have much in common with New Work. At second and third glance, however, you can see that some approaches have already been established for years. Part-time models are already the order of the day in some facilities, including at management level. Nevertheless, there is still a great need for development, especially in the medical field. Drivers such as digitalization are creating new opportunities and making the workplace more attractive.

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Helping people to help themselves

Personnel management helps to ensure patient safety. To ensure this, it helps to take a look at the productivity of employees, the degree of digitalization of an institution and how working time models are handled. We support you in identifying suitable future-oriented options for action and potential, and in meeting the requirements and specifications of relevant stakeholders. Especially because this is often difficult to implement in day-to-day operations, we help to find solutions in very critical situations. Our trusting cooperation is characterized by both conceptual and implementation levels. Our motivation is to provide you with the necessary skills and tools so that you can work effectively. Helping people to help themselves.

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Typical projects relating to personnel management in hospitals and clinics

Process / restructuring management support

Major restructuring measures in clinics are closely monitored by politicians and the general public and require a great deal of sensitivity. The focus here is on securing hospital locations and the associated healthcare services, as well as jobs for the population.

Our consulting services include the creation of redundancy plans, staff transfers and redundancies, the short-term takeover of personnel management and support with reorganization and restructuring measures.

We always keep an eye on the implementation options – that’s what Oberender stands for: no fantasies, but realistic recommendations, which we can help you implement if you wish.

Personnel requirements and personnel deployment planning

HR work in healthcare facilities makes an enormous contribution to the satisfaction and stability of managers and employees. It has a very sensitive effect on internal and external stakeholders and, alongside the managers, shapes a large part of the corporate culture. Optimized processes, staff deployment times and clear task profiles play a decisive role in ensuring smooth operations. Duplication of work, breaches of working hours and conflicts occur frequently and are just some of the disruptive factors in day-to-day business.

The core of our service is, for example, personnel extrapolation or determination of personnel requirements, DRG refinancing, taking into account the special features of the facility. We offer assistance by reviewing existing personnel development concepts and designing new ones. We also develop competence and requirement profiles. Our consulting services also focus on the creation of job descriptions including job evaluations, workplace assessments and the analysis and redevelopment of working time models and management systems.

We are also happy to assist with the introduction or implementation of new HR systems. We provide support in selecting the right system as well as during migration, for example when defining new processes.

Personnel development

Accepting future challenges: This means reconciling the needs and requirements of both the company and (potential) employees. Sustainable personnel development makes an enormous contribution to employer attractiveness and thus to the recruitment and retention of staff.

We offer expert support in the following areas, among others:

  • Determining potential in HR departments
  • Reorganization of work processes
  • Contractual matters
  • Labor and collective bargaining law
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tariffs and salary structure
  • Interim management
  • Evaluation of existing and design of new personnel development concepts
  • Development of competence and requirement profiles

Personnel controlling

It is often worth questioning previously collected and reported key personnel figures and determining the knowledge gained for management. In addition to economic and qualitative aspects, hospitals today should also collect and evaluate key figures on staff recruitment and retention.

For this reason, our collaboration focuses primarily on evaluating the personnel controlling instruments in use, developing and integrating other suitable instruments, helpful benchmarking and setting up a continuous reporting system.

Personell recruiting

Finding, hiring and retaining good staff costs enormous human and financial resources and is a more than challenging task. High premiums have exorbitantly intensified the war for talent for well-trained personnel in the past.

Our recruitment consulting services focus on assessing the existing recruitment process, identifying potential and suitable recruitment channels and providing support in the selection of personnel.

Coaching for employees and managers

Accompanying coaching is a particularly effective tool for change processes. Thanks to the decades of practical experience of our experts in the field of personnel management and leadership, we often know and recognize quickly “where the shoe pinches” and are happy to support you in identifying and developing your individual strengths and potential.

We are happy to offer both short-term coaching and long-term support. We enjoy working with individual managers as well as with (interprofessional) teams.

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Important project steps and milestones relating to HR management

In our collaboration, the aim is not to achieve quick “quick wins”, but to achieve a long-term strategic realignment of your hospital. Nevertheless, the analysis and examination of a clinic often generates ideas for further optimization, which we are happy to examine in more detail at the same time.

In personnel management, our project methodology follows your requirements. Fixed milestones such as Supervisory Board meetings or the specific request for an expert opinion provide us with a time frame. As a rule, a joint project takes around 6 to 9 months – depending on the client’s communication and decision-making processes. In order to avoid producing reports for the garbage can, the following phases have developed from experience:

In the joint kick-off, we specify the objectives and clarify the approach to the project with the management. You provide us with the most important key figures from your company, i.e. from personnel controlling, so that we can carry out a data analysis.

We clarify wishes and development opportunities in workshops and individual interviews with managers from the departments and as part of inspections. We talk interactively about operational obstacles in the individual areas. It is important to our experts to turn those affected into participants. We are happy to draw on methods from systemic coaching.

We present elaborated concepts and optimization proposals to the relevant committees. We also take employee representatives, such as the works council, into account. Beyond the pure conception, we stand closely by your side in the implementation of the adopted measures.

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Competencies for your success

In order to meet the demands placed on personnel management, important core competencies and in-depth insights into hospital management are required. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the probabilities of implementation and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper, but are actually feasible. It goes without saying that we bring further experts, our own databases and in-depth knowledge of the structures in the hospital market to the collaboration.

High level of market understanding

Through our management mandates, we have a deep insight into the hospital structures and work closely with the respective local politicians.

Broad data basis

The Oberender Research Institute collects, analyzes and validates data from our projects and mandates. This results in studies on individual issues.

Related Units

Our teams of experts work closely together to incorporate specific know-how into the project. Our process unit, for example, is often included.

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Talk to the experts.

With our expertise, we do not provide you with pretty colorful pictures, but with actionable strategies that will make your hospital fit for the future.

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