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Medical concepts & location concepts

The questions of an optimized range of services and the alignment of individual sites and specialist departments are always present. The focus is always on both employees and the population. Recognizing opportunities, interpreting risks – this is the motto by which we work for you. That is why we support your medical facility with location and medical concepts.

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Focus on patients and the population

The changes of the last few years are clearly noticeable for clinics: personnel bottlenecks, outpatientization, the uncertainties and changes caused by the pandemic and the tightening political framework conditions make dynamic action necessary.

Strategic alignment with these guard rails is a challenge.

But – a very good medical offering adapted to the needs of the population is well received by patients and leads to increasing numbers – also among employees. Because very good medical care is also the goal of every employee in nursing, therapy, the doctors and all the other important components of a clinic.

We support you in this by linking our management knowledge, our deep understanding of the market and our broad data base with the ideas and concepts of your employees and developing a joint strategy.

What does "good medicine" mean to us?

In the medical orientation of a hospital, “good medicine” stands not only for the pure technique of therapy, but the entire patient process is decisive. It is not only about the medical, but also the nursing and therapeutic performance as well as the administrative processes. A clear medical strategy helps to make good medicine possible.

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Clear strategies are the focus.

Health care in a region is a basic need of the population and its political representatives. It is still a goal of federal policy to reduce inpatient capacity in Germany and to concentrate clinical care in more specialized hospitals. Many of the hospital sites that exist today date back to the last century and, in some cases, the century before last. In the same period, medicine, the general conditions and also the population have developed significantly.

This makes it necessary to think about the structuring of entire alliances, individual hospital sites or specific departments. For example, duplicate structures are often not feasible either in terms of personnel or economics. Future trends such as demographic developments and digitization are also easier for hospitals to manage if a solid concept is in place. This puts the hospital in a position to actively manage rather than merely react.

Our focus is not only on inpatient care, but on all essential components of healthcare. This makes it possible to also focus on outpatient services and new care concepts, such as intersectoral health centers, patient-oriented centers for primary and long-term care, monitoring clinics, etc., and to develop integrated concepts for optimized care of the population.

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Typical projects around site and medical concepts.

(Further) development of the medical strategy

The medical performance and the services adapted to the population are a central component of the medical strategy orientation of a hospital within the framework of the (further) development of the medical strategy.

For this purpose, we analyze both inpatient and outpatient service performance, market shares, competitors and many other factors at a very detailed level. In discussions and workshops, ideas and existing concepts of the employees are brought together with the findings of the analysis and a medical strategy is jointly developed.

Development of location and supply concepts

Developments in medicine and the general conditions have changed the situation for many hospitals. For this reason, the question of the future viability of a site or an alliance arises time and again.

To answer this question, the performance and future viability of the sites is examined and transferred to an overall site strategy. The approach is very similar to the medical strategy, with an expanded focus on the surrounding area (established practices, care facilities, population, local politics, investments, etc.).

The goal of such a concept is often to empower supervisory bodies to make far-reaching decisions and changes. Informing the public is also a component here.

Conceptual realignment of specialist departments

Sometimes the shoe doesn’t pinch in the entire service portfolio. We will be happy to analyze individual specialist departments for you and make targeted recommendations for action:

  • Do the institution and the market offer the potential for setting up a new specialist department?
  • Are there opportunities for strengthening the market position of a specialist department?
  • Should they cooperate with a partner?
  • Does it make sense to develop outpatient structures for a specialty?


These are just some of the questions we can answer for you. The project result for our clients is a clear recommendation for the further development of specialties and medical focus.

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Important project steps and milestones around site and medical concepts

In our cooperation, the goal is not quick wins, but a long-term strategic realignment of your hospital. Nevertheless, the analysis and consideration of a hospital often gives rise to ideas for further optimization, which we are happy to examine in more detail in parallel.

When creating location and medical concepts, our project methodology follows your requirements. Fixed milestones, such as supervisory board meetings or the specific request for an expert opinion, give us the time frame. As a rule, a joint project takes about 6 to 9 months – depending on the client’s communication and decision-making channels. In order not to produce expert opinions for the garbage can, the following phases have developed from experience:

The basis for joint development is a clearly presented presentation of strengths and weaknesses based on facts. For this purpose, we rely on a broad data analysis in the first step, which is discussed with the participants in phase 2 and used as a basis for the development.

In workshops and individual interviews with those responsible from all relevant areas, we discuss concepts, ideas, solutions and wishes, but also existing fears and concerns. In this process, it is particularly important for our team of experts to turn those affected into participants. Our specific competencies in the areas of change management, interviewing, and systematic coaching, combined with our understanding of the market, form the basis for communication at eye level. Our understanding: A strategy can only be realized if it is developed jointly.

In a third phase, the elaborated developments are evaluated. As a rule, the most economical solution is not the optimal one. Therefore, the areas of personalization, market, competition, infrastructure and economic efficiency are superimposed and an evaluation is made.

Phases 2 and 3 often overlap in order to discuss and think through initial ideas directly with the team. Here we always act flexibly and in the interest of the customer.

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Competences for your success

Meeting the demands of professional hospital management requires important core competencies and deep insights into the market as a whole as well as into individual departments. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the implementation probabilities and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper but are actually feasible. Further experts, our own databases and a deep knowledge of the structures in the hospital market are of course part of our cooperation.

High market understanding

Through our management mandates, we have a deep insight into hospital structures and work closely with the respective local politics.

Broad data base

The Oberender Research Institute collects, analyzes and validates data from our projects and mandates. This results in studies on individual issues.

Linked Units

Our teams of experts work closely together to incorporate specific know-how into the project. Our human resources unit is often involved, for example.

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With our expertise, we won’t give you pretty pictures, but strategies that can be implemented to make your hospital fit for the future.

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