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Mergers & Acquisitions in the Healthcare Sector

Merger, investment, takeover, formation of an association, re-municipalization or privatization: actively shape your transactions in the healthcare, medtech or biotech sectors with our M&A competence team.

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Transactions in the hospital sector

There is currently a lot going on in the hospital sector. This is also reflected in the steadily increasing number of transactions. However, there are a number of important points to bear in mind. For example, a planned hospital is required for the establishment of a medical care center in Germany. Since these are now very often buyers who are not yet familiar with the German healthcare system, support from experts in mergers and acquisitions in the hospital sector is needed. With our broad market know-how in the healthcare sector, we support our clients from the red flag report to post-merger integration.

Rethinking leadership of the future

Even though we still speak of hospital management, the management of a hospital today requires more than the classic management competencies. More and more, leadership structures are taking hold and management styles are changing. We take into account the culture of the individual organization, but also create new guard rails for the future. Whether systemic coaching or new work methods: in addition to the hospital CEO or interim manager, our team brings in complementary competencies that are important and necessary for team leadership.

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Typical projects around mergers & acquisitions in hospitals and clinics

Strategic transaction consulting

The purchase and sale of companies has become more and more a suitable instrument in the implementation of the respective corporate strategy, also in the healthcare sector, in recent years. For companies, the questions of niche strategies or broad offer approach arise. In addition, transactions in the hospital sector are not infrequently the subject of criticism. This makes it all the more important to have a coherent transaction strategy in place.

Oberender’s M&A team has been involved in a large number of such transactions in recent years and has managed the entire process from decision-making and project management to closing and subsequent post-merger integration for a large number of German and international clients. In doing so, we have been active on both the buyer and seller side.

Our consulting services include the preparation of social plans, personnel transfers and releases, short-term takeover of personnel management as well as support in reorganization and restructuring measures.

We always keep an eye on implementation options – that’s what Oberender stands for: no fantasies, but realistic recommendations, which we help you implement if you wish.

Business plan, company valuation and purchase price derivation.

The profitability of a transaction always depends on the purchase price to be paid for the company to be acquired in comparison to the added value for the buyer resulting from the transaction. So the focus is on the question: what is the earnings value of the company against the background of a business plan to be developed and implemented? And what purchase price can I accept against the background of a risk to be calculated?

Oberender’s M&A team examines questions regarding the current value of the company as well as synergies, additional revenue and cost potentials in order to increase the future value. Methodically, multiples are used for company valuation and purchase price determination as well as the “classic” valuation methods (DCF method, capitalized earnings value, net asset value). The final assessment of a company’s value as well as the review, plausibility check or elaboration of an underlying business plan incorporate the vast experience of our M&A managers, which we were able to gather in consulting in responsible M&A positions for other consultancies and hospital operators

Commercial Due Dilligence

Commercial due diligence is often referred to as the supreme discipline in the M&A process. It provides the essential information on the market environment in which a company operates, how it can meet the challenges of the market and how these conditions affect the business plan, in particular the revenue side.

One of our core competencies in transaction processes is therefore the analysis of the market and competitive environment, including a classification of the company in the regulatory environment and the potential there. On the basis of a well-founded analysis of key figures, we sharpen our clients’ view of the future and thus help them to better and more accurately assess the desired value of a transaction. This significantly increases the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Commercial due diligence comprises five building blocks and is rounded off with a potential business plan validation:


  • Business model
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Regulations
  • Upsides & Downsides

Start-up investor consulting

For almost 10 years now, our employees have been maintaining contact with founders in the healthcare sector. We are continuously expanding our network. Healthcare start-ups are playing an increasingly important role in the market, because it is often only through them that a necessary innovation push is created. The employees of Oberender AG know both sides: the traditional healthcare system with its complex regulations and the young companies that dare to think outside the box.

We know the above-average risk of investing in start-ups and, through our close cooperation with founders, we are aware of the special characteristics of these companies. We are able to reduce this investment risk for investors through our specialist expertise in the healthcare sector and our large databases. We always align our activities very flexibly to the size of the start-up and the investment.

Post-merger integration

Notwithstanding the growing number of corporate mergers and acquisitions in healthcare, too little attention is often paid to the integration of merging companies. Lack of accuracy in data analysis and too rough conceptualizations lay the foundation for this. Lack of consistency and professionalism in project management exacerbate the problem. Thus, the post-merger phase remains the riskiest phase of the transaction process.

Oberender supports the integration phase, for example, by setting up and supporting a project management office, managing the PMI project portfolio and designing and managing individual integration projects. Within the framework of interim management, we also provide management personnel for this task if required.

After investments in healthcare start-ups, the teams of Oberender AG also provide support in the context of stabilizing the business, market access and growth course, certainly also in the medium term, for example in the realization of a buy-and-build strategy.

Important project steps and milestones

For us, M&A projects are often day and night projects that have to be completed under very high time pressure. Here, we benefit from our many years of expertise and our broad data base.

Most of our clients are already well prepared at the beginning of the collaboration and define a scope in advance. We therefore receive a detailed list of questions that we may answer in the course of the project. Within a few weeks, we develop one or two reports. Either there is initially a red flag report, which only answers the questions that would be a hindrance to a market entry or transaction. The due diligence report then contains all questions or all answers that are important for you as the client.

We are also open to deviating project methodologies. In doing so, we are guided by your requirements.

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Competences for your success

Meeting the demands of professional hospital management requires important core competencies and deep insights into the market as a whole as well as into individual departments. Since Oberender AG is entrusted with the management of hospitals throughout Germany, we know the implementation probabilities and know exactly which concepts not only sound good on paper but are actually feasible. Further experts, our own databases and a deep knowledge of the structures in the hospital market are of course part of our cooperation.

Experienced experts

Our team is interdisciplinary and interprofessional. The individual experts have many years of strategic and operational experience.

Broad data base

The Oberender Research Institute collects, analyzes and validates data from our projects and mandates. This results in studies on individual issues.

Linked Units

Our teams of experts work closely together to incorporate specific know-how into the project. Our process unit, for example, is often involved.

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