Your partner in clinic management. Discover the beat of the future.

Discover the beat of the future.

A broad range of expertise and personal diversity characterize Oberender AG at its two locations in Bayreuth and Munich. At the same time, our lived culture of values, which unites us in cooperation across regions, results in the special Oberender spirit.

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This is Oberender AG.

Oberender AG is Germany’s leading management consultancy in the healthcare sector. Our versatile range of services extends from strategy development and implementation to the assumption of management functions. Our expertise is rounded off and supported by the company’s own Oberender Research Institute.

More than 50 experts, distributed across the two locations Bayreuth, Munich, our management houses as well as colleagues from network partners and subsidiaries belong to the Oberender family. Our team is characterized by flat hierarchies and a family-like atmosphere. More than 40 professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing, information technology and economics, as well as our back-office staff, work for our customers.

The interdisciplinary team is characterized by competence and cordiality. We base our consulting activities and our projects on the knowledge of an experienced team and on values that characterize our cooperation in a special way.

Mehr als 50 Expertinnen und Experten, verteilt auf die beiden Standorte Bayreuth, München sowie unsere Managementhäuser zuzüglich Kolleginnen und Kollegen bei unseren Netzwerkpartnern und Tochtergesellschaften gehören zur Oberender Familie. Unser Team ist geprägt durch flache Hierarchien und einen familiären Umgang.

Unsere Professionals aus den Bereichen Medizin, Pflege, Informatik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften sowie unsere Mitarbeitenden im Back-Office arbeiten mit hoher Expertise und Motivation für unsere Kunden.

Das interdisziplinäre Team zeichnet sich durch Kompetenz und Herzlichkeit aus. Wir stützen unsere Beratungstätigkeiten und unsere Projekte auf das Wissen eines erfahrenen Teams und auf Werte, die unsere Zusammenarbeit auf besondere Art prägen.

Location in Bayreuth

University and cultural city: in Bayreuth, Upper Franconia, everything started with Oberender & Partner in 2000. From our offices in a stylish old villa, we have a direct view of the Wahnfried House. The history of Richard Wagner is thus not only present, but gives us a very special charm in our approximately 670 square meters. From the foosball table in the vaulted cellar, to our cozy garden terrace, to the office, conference and training rooms: in this special and inspiring atmosphere, sophisticated concepts and creative solutions are created for our clients. The Oberender Research Institute team works closely with the university structures. This is how we become a pacesetter for you!

Location in Munich

Servus from Munich. In the Bavarian capital, modern office charm meets a warm team. Between Hirschgarten and Westpark, we have been at home in the west of Munich since 2011. In our versatile rooms there is enough space for interdisciplinary exchange and concentrated work. The central meeting point is our open and modern kitchen, where the team likes to meet for brainstorming sessions, coordination or just for a nice chat. Please feel free to visit us for an espresso!

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Oberender in numbers

Many exciting statistics have emerged in recent years. We have compiled the most important ones for you here.


customers have worked with us.


Oberender & Partner was founded.


locations in Germany.


Employees in Germany including network partners and subsidiaries.


countries in which we are active.


network partners support us.


management contracts.


Competence teams work in the areas of strategy, processes and M&A, among others.


Oberender AG was founded.


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Values of our collaboration

As a pace-setter, we set the decisive impulses to move healthcare organizations forward. The following four guiding principles play a decisive role in our teamwork and in our dealings with our customers and partners.


Quality through teamwork

Our work is characterized by the demand for the highest quality. To achieve this, we work together as a team, support each other and share our knowledge. At the same time, we encourage and challenge every single team member so that each and every individual can go above and beyond.


Clarity through communication

We practice open, proactive communication and have the courage to express our opinions honestly and constructively. Fairness, friendliness and appreciation in communication and interaction are particularly important to us. We promote the development of each individual through regular feedback.


Progress through diversity

We stand for openness and tolerance. We respect each other and value the work of every colleague across all hierarchies. New ideas are pursued sustainably at our company. We accept the weakness of the individual and use the strengths to achieve our common corporate goals.


Orientation through leadership

Together, we pursue the strategic goals of our company, assume leadership responsibility and set an example. A transparent corporate culture makes us a reliable partner – both internally and externally.

Join the Alumni Network.

Even after our time at Oberender AG, we are keen to stay in touch with our alumni. Our alumni network now comprises over 100 former colleagues and is organized within a LinkedIn group. In addition, we keep all interested parties up to date via our LinkedIn page.

The aim is to remain in contact, to exchange ideas regularly and to build up a widespread network. The one or other personal meeting is of course also part of it for an interesting exchange of experiences.

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Management and Committees of Oberender AG

Get to know our management board, the supervisory board as well as the advisory board of Oberender AG.

Board of directors

Jan Hacker

  • Staff member of the Research Center for Social Law and Health Economics, University of Bayreuth
  • Staff member of Rhön-Klinikum AG, Bad Neustadt/Saale
  • Founding partner of Oberender & Partner, Bayreuth office
  • Chairman of the Board of Oberender AG

Jochen Baierlein

  • Medical activity in the field of trauma and visceral surgery
  • Consulting activity in the health care sector since 2006
  • Managing Partner at Oberender & Partner, Munich office
  • Founding Director Oberender Research Institute
  • Member of the Board of Oberender AG

Supervisory Board

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Prof Dr Herbert Rebscher.jpg

Prof. Dr. h.c. Herbert Rebscher

  • Former Chairman of the Executive Board of DAK-Gesundheit
  • Professor of Health Economics at the University of Bayreuth
  • 1996 to 2003 Chairman of the Board of the Association of Employee Health Insurance Funds (VdAK)
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Oberender AG
Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Prof Dr Hartwig Bauer.jpg

Prof. Dr. med. Hartwig Bauer

  • Former Secretary General of the German Society for Surgery, Berlin
  • Former Medical Director of the Altötting-Burghausen District Clinics, academic teaching hospital of the Technical University of Munich
Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Irmtraut Gürkan.jpg

WP, Stb Dipl. Kfm. Wolfgang Kunz

  • Auditor and consultant for health care companies for the firm Treuarbeit (now PWC)
  • Freelance tax consultant and auditor (health care companies)
  • Worked in the management of a large German hospital group with group-wide responsibility for accounting and taxes
  • Since 2011 co-partner and managing director of an auditing company (focus on transaction consulting)

Advisory Board

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Irmtraut Gürkan.jpg

Dipl. economist Irmtraut Gürkan

  • Former Commercial Director of Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Oberender AG
Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Dr. Petra Becker1.jpg

Dr. Petra Becker

  • Industrial Engineer (Technical University of Karlsruhe), Dr. rer-pol (University of Hamburg)
  • 6 years McKinsey & Comp. (Healthcare,Insurances)
  • Since 2001 managing partner of the Dr. Becker group of companies (8 rehabilitation clinics + incl. acute areas, 3 therapy centers, 4 nursing homes, online services, nursery construction)
  • Business angel investments in the field of eHealth

PD Dr. Michael A. Weber

  • President Association of Senior Hospital Physicians in Germany e.V.

Jochen Metzner

  • Attorney at law with HFBP
  • former head of department hospital care, rescue service in the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration
  • former Head of the Health Department in the Ministry of Science and Health Rhineland-Palatinate
Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Unternehmen - Gremien - Hans Jürgen Wildau.jpg

Dr.-Ing. Hans Jürgen Wildau

  • Vice President Health Services & Electrophysiology, BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG
  • Until 2015 Member of the Board of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering

Our network partners

Our interdisciplinary team brings a high level of technical expertise to a wide range of issues and projects in the healthcare sector. Should additional expert or specialized knowledge be required at one point or another, we draw on a large network to master any task for our customers.

Oberender AG has established an internal network which, over the past two decades, has established itself as one of the leading supra-regional and interdisciplinary competence networks in the healthcare market.

Within this framework, we offer our clients a wide range of professional competencies, from former and current executives of service providers, payers and medical professionals to political decision-makers, lawyers, auditors and tax consultants, as well as construction planners, architects and IT experts.