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25. January 2024

Vera Horn

Opportunity for digitization in the healthcare sector or excessive demands on the healthcare landscape – a critical contribution to the legal innovations

18. December 2023

Ralf Suchart

The operating theater is indisputably a central service area of a hospital. This is where the quality of the service provided is decided to a considerable extent.

18. December 2023

Jochen Baierlein

, Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid

No matter how different they are, all municipalities in Bavaria are affected by the massive upheavals in the healthcare system. 90 out of 96 districts or independent cities are directly responsible for a hospital, two others are at least indirectly involved.

27. November 2023

Isabel Bertsch

On October 19, 2023, the G-BA announced that the implementation deadlines for the PPP Directive would be postponed again. The sanction regulations will therefore not come into force on January 1, 2024 as planned. What does this mean for the clinics?

6. November 2023

Dr. Andreas Langemann

Inflation, deteriorating financing conditions and intensive legislative reform efforts are leading to a reluctance to transfer capital on the part of healthcare providers and their owners as well as potential investors.

5. September 2023

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid

From a scientific perspective, the structure of palliative care in Germany offers some interesting aspects, which will be highlighted in this blog post.

17. August 2023

Jan Hacker

Hospitals facing strategic and economic crises are nothing new in themselves. The fact that it affects so many at once and to such a large extent, on the other hand, does. Here we present ways out of the crisis.

20. July 2023

Isabel Bertsch

Hospitals have been in perpetual crisis mode since the Covid 19 pandemic. The result is a high level of planning uncertainty, which makes it difficult for clinics to develop and plan strategies consistently. This blog article provides solutions on how strategy work can still succeed in stormy times.

28. June 2023

Marcus Ries

The general conditions in our clinics have changed significantly. The regular increase in structural requirements, the exclusion of the nursing budget from the DRGs and the increasing number of collective wage agreements for relief are creating a narrow framework for action in hospital management.

18. April 2023

Sebastian Herbinger

The Nursing Staff Strengthening Act was intended to improve the situation for nursing staff. The law created the legal basis to exclude nursing staff costs from the DRG flat rates per case. Read this blog post to find out whether it succeeded and what impact the law will have on hospitals.