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Discover the pace of the future. Benefit from our many years of in-depth expertise and shape the healthcare system together with us in a sustainable and future-proof way.

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Who we are.

A broad range of expertise and personal diversity are the hallmarks of Oberender AG at its two locations in Bayreuth and Munich. At the same time, our lived culture of values, which unites us in cooperation across regions, results in the special Oberender spirit.


Oberender AG is Germany’s leading management consultancy in the healthcare sector. Our diverse range of services extends from strategy development and implementation to the assumption of management functions. Our expertise is rounded off and supported by the company’s own Oberender Research Institute.

Our team

More than 50 experts, distributed between the two locations Bayreuth and Munich, our management houses as well as colleagues from network partners and subsidiaries belong to the Oberender family. Professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing, information technology and economics, as well as our back-office staff, are at work for our customers.

Our values

As a pacesetter, we set the decisive impulses to move healthcare organizations forward. In this context, the following four guiding principles play a decisive role in teamwork, but also in our dealings with customers and partners: quality through team performance, clarity through communication, progress through diversity, orientation through leadership.

We live our skills.

Together with our customers, we ensure that precisely fitting solutions can be developed and implemented. Our highly qualified team ensures that solutions are always practice-oriented and point sustainably into the future.


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Oberender Research Institute

The Oberender Research Institute deals with the market situation in the entire health care sector and uses the knowledge pool from years of project experience as well as its own databases for this purpose.

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

Studies, analyses and tools of Oberender AG

One of our core tasks and our self-image as a university-related consulting company is to develop studies, analyses and web-based tools via our own Research Institute. This enables recommendations for action and management decisions to be derived and made on a sound and reliable basis.

Industry experts

Our consulting services cover the entire spectrum of the healthcare sector – hospitals, outpatient care, healthcare policy, rehabilitation clinics, payers, investors & banks, and the medtech & pharma sector. Together with decision-makers and experts, we develop sustainable solutions and thus decisively advance the industry.

Work with us

Oberender AG is growing steadily and is always looking for professionals for our exciting projects, consulting or hospital management on mandate. Become a pacemaker and complement our team.

Our Blog

Oberender AG employees and external authors write about current developments and interesting aspects of the healthcare industry. Use the Oberender Blog to get food for thought and industry insights as well as new perspectives on challenging topics.