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Health policy

Scientific and practical knowledge are of high importance for policy makers in the health care sector. We are happy to provide practical concepts as well as realistic assessments and expert opinions according to your requirements.

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Politically demanded solutions

Health care policy is currently more than exciting for a variety of reasons. Starting with the problematic financial situation, in which expenditures are constantly increasing and revenues are decreasing daily. Politicians are challenged to find solutions with providers and payers for the shortage of specialists. At the same time, better structures are needed to ensure comprehensive care, especially in rural regions.

Structural reforms in care are urgently needed and must be approached in a structured manner. Equally challenging is the remuneration system, which is in need of reform and leaves hospitals in particular little leeway to operate economically.

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Experienced with political structures

In order to provide optimal advice to, for example, state and city councils or other political bodies, we bring one thing above all: Independence and scientific expertise combined with in-depth practical experience. We have an exclusive focus on the healthcare sector with special know-how in the areas of service provision and remuneration.

Our extensive experience with expert opinions and a wide variety of concepts makes us efficient in planning and implementation. We are happy to provide the relevant references upon request.

The best of both worlds

For advising political committees, we combine our know-how from science and practice. We develop concepts that are fit for practice and provide realistic assessments as well as expert opinions. With a holistic view of patients, service delivery as well as remuneration and financing, we are the ideal partner.

Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

Get to know our areas of expertise.

As a trendsetter, we set the decisive impulses to bring healthcare organizations forward. Our competence units support decision-makers and experts with strategic projects and are creative when it comes to implementation.

Strategic management

We develop strategic analyzes for our customers in order to develop a future strategy that is economically sustainable and medically optimized.

Operational management

With our wide range of expertise, we support a wide range of players in the healthcare sector. It is our aim not only to react to general conditions, but also to actively shape them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Actively design your transactions in the healthcare, medtech or biotech sectors with our M&A competence team.