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Digitalization and medical controlling – how Oberender AG supports you

Hospitals are facing ever greater challenges. The digital transformation must be mastered in economically strained times and with limited personnel resources. The demands on hospital IT are becoming increasingly complex: IT security, data protection, cost-effective and flexible computing and storage capacities, and the implementation of regulations and legal requirements (e.g. BMG digitization strategy, KHZG, KDL document classification).

Solutions from practice

Economically managed hospital IT is an important component that will determine the future viability of hospitals. Computing and storage power can be used more flexibly and in line with demand thanks to a cloud-based infrastructure. IT security and data protection is more effectively handled by cloud specialists, so that vulnerabilities and attacks are avoided. IT staff can thus concentrate more on day-to-day business.

At the same time, the precise selection and integration of IT systems is the basis and success factor for smooth clinical processes. TARGET processes and requirements are developed in workshops and implemented in close coordination with all process participants during system implementation. In KHZG projects, systems from patient portals to medication management software must be thought of holistically. Structured data formats are the prerequisite for efficient processes. Media discontinuities, for example in nursing documentation or hybrid models, are sources of error and must be avoided. Optimal digital support of clinical processes is ultimately ensured not only by interoperability of systems, but rather by lived processes and well-trained personnel.

However, software also lives through practical experience and user feedback. In the area of HIS and practice information systems, new requirements regularly arise from everyday hospital life, but also from the legislator. Whether for start-ups or established providers – the regular adaptation and further development of functions ensures future competitiveness.

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The Oberender AG team

We support hospitals and system providers in close cooperation with the process participants to meet the new requirements and to implement digitization projects successfully.:

From cloud migration, HIS change, the timely implementation of KHZG projects around the patient portal, electronic documentation or digital medication management to workshops and technical enhancements of software solutions.

With in-depth knowledge of clinical and medical processes and a comprehensive IT background, we implement digital strategies holistically and successfully.

See you at DMEA 2023

You will find us at the AMC and AWS booth and on Wednesday, 26.4.2023 at 16:20 at the keynote: “Secure and innovative – how the first German hospital with HIS operation in the cloud made it”, Stage B, Hall 6.2.

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Oberender - Krankenhausberatung - Klinikberatung - Klinikmanagement - Signet - braun

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